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I’m a journalist living in Atlanta.

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I’m a journalist and photographer living in Atlanta. 
tpwheatley (at) gmail (dot) com

All photos by me.


23 days: Four different perspectives from the occupation of the Wendy’s where an Atlanta police officer fatally shot Rayshard Brooks (Longform feature)

Why are pedestrian and bicyle deaths increasing in metro Atlanta? Atlantans are walking, biking, and driving on streets that were designed with one goal: speed. That has led to dangerous results. (News) 

Arthur Blank’s mission to give away his wealth: The Home Depot co-founder decides the best way he can spend his time is by giving away his $4.7 billion fortune (Longform profile)

Morris Brown used to enroll 2,500 students. Today there are 40: After losing accreditation and selling buildings, officials at the school—the first institution of higher learning in Georgia founded by black people, for black people—say it’s rebuilding. Faith abounds, but is it enough? (Longform feature)

Keisha’s no Kasim: Inside the Atlanta mayor’s City Hall, where cyberattacks, a state takeovers of the world’s busiest airport, and a housing crisis are on the agenda (Longform profile)

The long, strange trip: An oral history of Creative Loafing. Family feuds, hostile takeovers, sewage in the newsroom, sex workers in the lobby, fearless reporting, and a man named Mud—the very weird, very true history of the alt weekly the internet still hasn’t killed. (Longform) 

All Atlanta Magazine work available here. Some Creative Loafing work available here.

The complete guide to the Chattahoochee River: A 360-degree look at the closest thing metro Atlanta has to a waterfront. (Service package)

Where does the Atlanta Beltline go from here? The parks-and-trails project was pitched as a potential solution to some of Atlanta’s most pressing problems. Here’s why it—and the city—must try harder. (Service package)

Atlanta after dark: The city likes to boast it’s a world-class city. But is it a 24-hour city? Telling a story about nightlife, including an oral history of Magic City, a study of the physical effects of the graveyard shift, and as-told-to’s with an escort and other people who are awake when everyone else is asleep.